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Triangle Transmissions began trading in 1988 and has grown over the past 30 years from humble beginnings to our large, well-equipped workshop in Boulevard Park, Bellville.

We have, over many years, gained a vast amount of experience in diagnosing problems which occur in and around the automatic transmissions and electronic systems. Automatic transmissions have changed, quite dramatically, over the years from relatively simple mechanical/hydraulic systems to highly sophisticated, electronically-controlled systems – referred to as ‘mechatronics’.

Diagnostic testing of the electronic systems is a crucial part of the testing and must be carried before any mechanical repairs are considered. Due to the fact that many problems that occur with the automatic transmissions are electronic faults and not mechanical.

Triangle Transmissions have grown to become the leading transmissions specialist in Cape Town. Our extensive customer base ranges from the general public, main car dealers, police and ambulance authorities to warranty companies.

We never compromise on parts or quality when working on your vehicle. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to help ensure precision on every job. We offer a full recovery service throughout the region. Contact us for any transmission problems!

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Repairs and Maintenance to all Automatic Transmissions:

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About Us

At Triangle Transmissions we Diagnose, Service and Repair all Automatic Transmissions and Torque Converters

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