Everything you need to know about Torque converters

Torque Converters

Triangle Transmissions are industry technicians in automatic transmissions. We offer a comprehensive service that is dynamic to complete the operations of electronic diagnostics and fault finding on all automatic transmissions, servicing and repairing all automatic and torque converters.

A torque converter is a category of fluid coupling which transfers rotating power from a prime mover. The prime mover can be a component such as an internal combustion engine that rotates to a driven load. This is usually located between the engine’s flex plate and transmission. Another illustrative description of a manual transmission would be the functionality of a mechanical clutch.

There are usually indicative signs of the torque converter failing. This can include slipping of the clutch, overheating and contaminated transmission fluids. Additional indicators are strange or unusual sounds when driving as well as damaged torque converter needle bearings and converter seals.

In order to test the driving functionality of a torque converter, turn the ignition key and start the engine. Gently press the accelerator twice and rev the engine again. As soon as the accelerator is pushed and returns to its idle state, press the brake pedal and shift into drive or first gear. This is usually done without completely uninstalling the torque.

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