How To Avoid Transmission Failure

Transmission Failure

Triangle Transmissions is an industry leader in automatic transmission services which plays an integral role in the overall maintenance of vehicles. There are significant changes that occur when using the transmission over long periods of time.

In order to avoid the potential failure of the transmission system, it would be important to follow a few guiding processes such as:

  • Identifying when the blocked filter should be changed since there could be an accumulation of debris that affects the slipping of the clutch and friction of the plates
  • Regularly check the transmission fluid level and colour. If there is a different colouror the oil is golden yellow or close to brown colour, this could be an indication of transmission failure.
  • Be sure to avoid an excess of heat on the engine.
  • Install an auxiliary cooler to avoid the engine from overheating consistently
  • Buy and use the correct fluids when changing the transmission fuels
  • Avoid overloading the vehicle. By overloading an excessive amount of the weight and height distribution of the initial system, the longevity and durability of the vehicle is extended.

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