Is it better to build or replace a transmission?

Triangle Transmissions are industry specialists in the repair and servicing of automatic gearboxes and transmission services for a multitude of vehicle makes.

transmission is an automatic version of a gear shifter. Instead of changing the gear manually, the transmission will amplify the engine power before sending energy to the wheels. The advantages of investing in a transmission from Triangle Transmissions are the strength and durability that the system offers in terms of acceleration and torque multiplication.

The functionality of the automatic transmission plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the vehicle is running at optimal condition. The repairs of the transmission are predominantly attributed to inconsistent temperatures and inadequate transmission coolers.

The decision to rebuild or repair a transmission is contingent on the diagnostics and indication of damage of the components of the transmission. The scope and extent of damage will determine whether the transmission should be replaced or repaired.

Cost implications relate to the rarity of the car parts to import for specialised vehicles and the country of origin. A manual transmission also includes a simpler procedure of replacement as well as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket part.

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