What is the recommended service period for an Automatic Transmission?

Automatic Transmission

Triangle Transmissions is an integrated service provider of transmissions. Our integrated service offering also extends to diagnostics and fault finding on a versatile range of automatic transmissions, servicing and repairs of torques.

There is excessive usage with different manufacturing capacities. Most recommended service providers would ideally change the transmission fluid every 24 000km in order to avoid damage to the overall system.

Triangle Transmissions incorporates the highest level of diagnostics and professional service when changing the diagnostics. The process requires an in-depth analysis where the lower transmission is disconnected through the oil cooler where the radiator is situated. The next step is for the drain to be positioned in order to catch the fluid from dripping out of the system.

The transmission service is distinctly planned throughout the duration of the maintenance. With new fluid that restores the holding power between multiple components of the vehicle. This will directly impact the clutch control, slip and heat production of the engine as well as eliminating the old clutch materials and metal shavings.

An additional service offering of the transmission service is the transmission flush where a difference of the flush and the fluid drain and fill is performed every 100 000 kilometres travelled.

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