Transmission Repair vs Replacement: Your Options

Triangle Transmissions are dedicated specialists in automatic transmissions, repair and servicing of all gearboxes. Our core services include diagnostic testing of electronic diagnostics and fault finding on all automatic transmissions, Servicing and Repairs to transmissions and torque converters.

The transmission function of the vehicle plays an integral component in the functionality of the driving capacity. Other factors include temperature changes and transmission cooling, which cause the oil to break down and the seals in the transmission to harden.

Triangle Transmissions recommends a service period of every 20 000kms to ensure smooth running efficiency for a longer period of time.

A transmission replacement is the most expensive option when fixing the transmission. Triangle Transmissions has an in-depth diagnostic service offering that can identify which components to fix. An important consideration in repairing the transmission is the pre-built factory specifications.

The process of rebuilding the transmission, the components such as the seals, gaskets, clutch and bands are often worn out in the transmission process. The parts are first disassembled and then individually cleaned. Thereafter, the new torque converter is utilised and the solenoid components will then be replaced.

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